Know Your Customer

Through Instantor’s powerful solution, we expand your relationship with your bank enabling information and ID verification to be easily applied to online processes

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Tech-capital of Europe, home of other great Tech/FinTech companies – providing an astonishing ecosystem for us to lean on. Extended with the skilled Tech team to support you located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Instantor provides cutting-edge online identification and financial data reports based on innovative real-time technology, giving insight to your customer’s financial situation (i.e. salary level, spending habits, payday loans, other credits and gambling etc.) over the last 12 months. This is done through a connection to the bank in which the customer is a client. This offers a fast and innovative way of conducting credit risk profiling.



“Using Instantor variables we have seen Gini coefficient improvement by 4-7 p.p in already quite sophisticated credit information markets. Also, reduced fraud by linking user and bank account so pay-out only can be done to Instantor verified account as well as, improve registration process as information can be extracted immediately online and tedious, offline procedures, can be replaced."

Aleksandr Lavrentjev, Business Development Manager